Free online workout videos

The Best Online Workout Videos

Several years ago I set out to create the best workout videos that would help anyone be able to workout anytime, anyplace. I created a set of rules for these videos:

  1. No Equipment: They had to be equipment-free so that anyone could do them at home, while traveling, or pretty much anywhere they go.
  2. Variable: They had to be approachable yet challenging for anyone - beginners and advanced exercisers.​
  3. Fast: They had to be relatively quick - Who has time for hour+ workouts?
  4. Safe: They had to be safe, including clear instructions, proper warm-ups, and lots of stretching after each workout.

I quite literally poured my sweat (and maybe even some tears) into these free online exercise routines, so I hope you enjoy them and join me often for a workout!

Dave Smith

Choose Your Workout Video

Below you will find just a few of the exercise videos I have for you. New videos will be uploaded regularly so be sure to check back soon!

"0 to 60"

"Core Performer"

"10 Rounds"

"Another Dead Bug"

"A Tough 4 Minutes"

"5 Ten 15"

"Missed One"

"Crab Kicking"

"Round 8"

"Stepping Up"

"Aaaabdominals IV"

"Super Duper"

"Super 4x4"


"The 4 B's"


"Upper Body Burn"

"Wow, That's Slow!"

"Stay Low"

"Your Pulse"

"1-2 Step"


"25 And Down"

"Power Circuit"

"Alligator Walking"

"Balancing Act"

"Heart Racing"

"Quick and Dirty"

"Mat Laps"

"Quick Sweat"

"Killer Combo"

"The Big Switch"


"Thread the Needle"

"The Scorpion"


"Another Surprise"

"It's That Slow"

"Like A Snail"

"Quads And Hams"

"Small Steps"

"The Roof"

"Plank Jumps"

"Shuffle Drill"

"Speed Hurdles"

"Tabata 5"

"Surprise Ending"

"264 Steps"


"Total 164"

"Gorilla Crawl"

"Just 1 Arm"


"Over & Up"

"Cardio Machine"

"Changing Paces"

"Cross The Line"

"Increasing Demand"

"Plank & Press"

"Roll With It"

"It Gets Easy"

"March On"

"Up Downs"

"Mini Sets"

"Grab a Chair"

"Bombs Away"


"Crazy Planks"

"Just 3 Moves"

"Pin Drops"

"Speed Skating"


"Hands Up"

"Inch Worm"

"Pulse It"


"300 Seconds"

"Army Training"

"Dancing Crab"

"Surf Lesson"

"It's That Slow"

"To Panama"

"Mini Intervals Galore"

"Increasing Demand"

"Rocket Jumps"

"Walk It Off"

"Number 13"

"Hop Scotch"

"Core Player"

"Tabata 4"

"Sun Salutation"

"Glutes Galore"

"1000 IV"

"Press On"

"Desert Race"

"Climb and Jump"

"Windy City"

"One Six Five"

"Super Core"

"One Strange Push-Up"

"Triple Interval"

"Kick It"