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Podcast Episode #032: How to Get Back on the Fitness Wagon

You used to be in a great fitness routine, but you've fallen off the wagon and now it feels impossible to get started again!

It's true. Sometimes it's harder to get back into routine when you know you were once there but somehow let it slide. It can be pretty demotivating to know you're starting at square one.

Today my expert guest shares how her and her husband were able to do it (yes, even personal trainers fall of the fitness wagon from time to time!). This is practical advice that you can apply in your life today...

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How To Get Back On The Fitness Wagon [Full Text]

Dave: Hey, thanks so much for joining me for this episode of the Make Your Body Work podcast. This show is all about answering your questions about how to live a healthier and happier life. I just want to thank all the listeners who send in your questions every week. It's awesome.

It honestly makes my day when I open up my email and I see these really great questions and just get to experience life with you a little bit, and hear about how you're doing, and hopefully can provide some value and help answer some of those questions that maybe you're stuck with. I have a really great question, actually, today, from Jan. Let's get right into it.

Jan says, "My husband and I were doing great with exercise and eating last year, but fell off track and are now finding it harder than ever to get back into a good routine. Studies show that it's hard to reform habits that you previously had, so what is one to do to get back on track if they have fallen off the wagon."

Jan, I just want to say you are not alone in that issue, or that problem. I get this sort of question all the time, and I've experienced it myself, and actually, my guest today, she is a high-level competitive athlete, she's a mom, she's a personal trainer, she's a nutrition coach.

As you'll hear in this interview, even her, even someone who's a pinnacle of fitness, goes through that exact same problem, and not just has gone through it, but continues to go through it herself. I know you're going to get a lot from hearing from my guest today. Let me introduce to you Deelle Hines. Deelle, thanks so much for joining me today.

Meet Deelle Hines

Deelle: Thank you, thanks for having me.

Dave: Now, I'm excited to have you on the show today. I know we were just chatting before the show began, a little bit about your athletic background and how you got into fitness and coaching. I was wondering if you could just share that with our listeners.

Deelle: Sure, my background is an athletic, so I've been big into track and field and hockey pretty much my whole life. I've been in the gym, basically, since I was 16 years old. I've been around quite a while. I decided to become a personal trainer about four years ago because it kinds of made sense because of my background, and I also do some nutrition coaching, and I coach, actually, hockey and track and field now.

Dave: In terms of clients that you work with as a personal trainer, who would be a typical demographic, or do you train people across the board?

Deelle: For personal training, I train women only, but for the coaching, I'm coaching high school ages and very young ages in hockey. My main demographic is women. Kind of any age. I kind of started my business ... My business is actually called Mother and Fitness, so I used to deal with just mothers, but now I deal with just any woman. She doesn't have to be a mom.

Dave: You're a mom yourself?

Deelle: Yes.

Dave: How old is ... You have a son?

Deelle: I have a son. Tyson is four years old now and he keeps me on my feet. He is super into sports, and he's super into seeing mommy work out, so he's getting really into that type of stuff, which is nice.

Reforming Old Habits: More Challenging?

Dave: Very cool. I'm going to get right into Jan's question here, and just to sum it up, she basically says her and her husband, they were in a great place last year fitness-wise, and then just fell off track. Then, she cites a study that says reforming habits that you previously had can actually be more challenging than forming them for the first time.

I don't know, I guess, first of all, have you ever gone through that yourself where you've gotten into a period where your health and your fitness just isn't on track anymore?

Deelle: Oh, absolutely. It happened quite often. It happened, actually, with my husband too. I can really relate, actually, to this question big time.

Dave: Maybe you can sort of explain what happened, everything. I know that's going to be reassuring to a lot of the listeners that hey, even someone in a profession, it happens to them to.

Deelle: It's so funny. This is such a great question and is one I'm sure you, yourself, hear so often. I know I do. It's funny because back in my younger days I would have said something like, "Oh, you need more willpower." Today, I totally realize that that's really ... It's not the case. I think like over the last year I've actually become really fascinated to try to figure out why people fall off the wagon in the first place, and that included myself, because it's happen to me, like I said, in the past, just tons of time.

Resolve to get back in shape and begin! Start with baby steps. Before you realize, you'll be back on track

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I thought what I actually discovered is most people are falling off the wagon because they are changing for the wrong reasons. They want to look like someone else in a magazine or something like that, or they have poor body image and they're ... or they are being way too strict on themselves about their diet and exercise, so they beat themselves up a lot when things don't go as planned.

No Room For Self-Defeating Thoughts!

All of these things are really self-defeating behaviors. I mean, I've done them too and I just know that that leads to a lot of negative self-talk, so what I've learned personally, and what I try to share with my clients now, is that really if you want to live a healthy life that's sustainable, you can't live it in a self-defeating manner anymore.

Really, when you have a healthy mind to go along with it you'll have a healthy life, period. That's kind of what I've been discovering over probably like the last year. I've really shifted my focus on these things, people really changing the way that they seem themselves, and I'm doing it personally, and it's working wonders.

Eliminate negative self-talk. Be positive and live a healthy life!

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Dave: There's many things you just said that I'd like to touch on, first being the the issue of willpower. That is something I get emails or messages all the time from people saying, "What's wrong with me? I just don't have the willpower to do X, Y or Z. The fact is, none of us do.

Delle: I know, yeah. It's true. Yeah, you see, and then someone saying, "I don't have that," like they don't, like that's just all very negative. It goes back to the self-defeating behaviors. I mean, if you want to be healthy, like I said, you can't live it in that self-defeating manner. You have to really change everything and look at things more in a positive light. I mean, I know that is not possible all the time, but I mean, to really ... People have to change the way that they're thinking. Does that make sense? Do you believe that?

Dave: Yeah, 100%. Actually, when you were just chatting there it reminded me of a conversation I had last night. I met a woman and she was telling me about this seven day fitness plan that she was on to, basically, get a bikini body. It was one of those typical things that you'd see online or on an infomercial or something.

It was so interesting hearing the language she was using because, just like you said, she was being very down on herself, "Oh, I messed up on this meal today." She made the comment, "I can't wait until this is over." She said it, "So that I can eat salt again." You used the term about sustainability, and I hear that sort of language and just think, "Gees, you're not only being so harmful to yourself, your own psyche, but that's completely unsustainable."

Deelle: Oh, totally, and you know what? You know what I think of? I don't know if you know who Dr. Wayne Dyer is?

Dave: Yeah.

Deelle: He's one of my all time favorite authors of all time. He died, actually, this past year, which is really, really sad, but he has a quote, I'd actually like to read it if you don't mind.

Dave: Yeah, please.

Deelle: It actually sums up why I believe this stuff is so important, so I think this might be something that resonates, so I'd like to read it for you if you like?

Dave:-Yeah, please.

Wisdom From Dr. Wayne Dyer

Deelle: He said, "When you change your thoughts and what you believe is possible for you, you change everything including your physiology. You need to believe that you're a specimen of perfect health by creating a picture of yourself as looking and feeling great. Carrying this image wherever you go and believing passionately in its reality is a total game changer.

Your inner dialog should sound more like this, 'I'm heading in the direction of perfect health. I have no shame or guilt about myself or my behavior. If I chose to be a couch potato, I'll be a healthy, trim, beautiful couch potato. I love my body. I'm going to take great care of it because it houses the sacred being that I am.' As you begin this new ritual of changing the way you look at your body, the body that you're looking at will change."

How powerful is that?

Dave: That is awesome. Wow. I'm going to have to get that from you and include that in the show notes for this episode. That is so powerful.

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself!

Deelle: It really is, and you know what, Dave, honestly, this past year has ... I've totally shifted my focus. Like I said, I mean, I used to be, "Yeah, you need to exercise as many times a week, you need to eat this and this and that, but I've really shifted my focus, and I find that it's helping not only myself and my family, but it's also helping a lot of my clients. We're trying to get everybody to shift.

Don't be so hard on yourself because when people are strict on themselves, when things don't go right, or they don't get to exercise as much as they wanted to, or they eat something they consider bad or what they shouldn't have eaten, they really beat themselves up for it. When you start to look at yourself in a more positive light, things just become easier and you want to eat well, and you want to exercise.

It doesn't necessarily mean exercise, spending hours in a gym. It' just means moving. It could be getting outside and you're just doing that every day because it just feels good and you're in a positive space. I think that is really sustainable for people.

When you start looking at yourself in a positive way, life becomes easier

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Dave: Yeah, I love your message there! You know, I had a guest on the show, episode 26 for the listeners, if you go to, and Jo Dominguez, she's a fitness competitor, and her message was, I included some pictures of her in competition mode and she's got the six pack and looks so lean and trim, and she came on the show and said,

"Women, that is completely false. Don't aspire to be like that. I looked like that for one day and hated my life, and then basically reverted back to all these other behaviors that are more sustainable." You made that comment about people looking to the media or aspiring to this image that they think is perfection. That is completely false, or completely unrealistic.

Deelle: Absolutely. That's wanting to change for the completely wrong reason. You should want to change for yourself. That's just what it boils down to. If you're looking at a magazine, you are like, "I want to look like that," well, that's not you. Don't even go there.

Dave: Jan's question, I feel like she is a little bit in a different spot because she says, "Hey, me and my husband, we were there. We felt really good last year, and now, for some reason, it just seems like we can't get back." How is that different, or what sort of approach could they take?

Start Small, Let Your Muscle Memory Do The Rest

Deelle: I think, I mean, it's so funny. When I read this I honestly thought of my husband and I when I saw this because it had happened to us so many times. Right? You know, you get into it, you fall off the wagon. Honestly, I think, really, the best thing to do is just kind of start small.

Since you've been there before, it's almost like don't you find the muscle memory thing such a wonderful thing, because for me personally, if I had fallen off the wagon, and then I got back on the wagon, it only took about a week to start feeling really good again.

I kind of looked the way that I think I should look. I don't know. I just think that just start slow, just go. If you're off the wagon and you just want ... Just get to the gym like one hour, or go outside for a walk and that one hour will change everything. You'll be back on the wagon and no problem.

Dave: I, oh, I 100% agree. I just personally can relate so closely as well. I know, podcast listeners, you're going to be so sick of me talking about this, but basically I stopped weight training last year to focus on training for triathlons and the muscle atrophy was crazy, how much weight I lost.

I got so weak and basically, just recently started this 12 week challenge of trying to gain that back. Exactly like you said, when I went into the gym the first day, I could barely lift any weight and felt so defeated, but within a week I saw that needle start to move, and saw that change start to happen.

You can trust your muscle memory to help you get back on the fitness wagon in no time

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That muscle memory really is there, so I think your advice is right on. Don't expect to go from zero to 100 in a week, but expect to go in there, do your first workout, and then see a little, minute progress and use that as your motivation.

Deelle: Exactly. I mean, it's always that "just starting" that's the hardest. Everyone says that, right? Just set this time aside to do it and just go. Once you're there you're like, "Ah, okay."

Dave: It feels right. I'm back.

Deelle: Yeah. This is what I've been missing. This feels good. Really, you get back on track in no time.

Dave: Can you tell us a little bit about your husband and your experience with that then? Was it a certain exercise that you fell out of, or was it eating, or what?

Deelle: It was kind of a combination of things, really. My husband and I, before child, and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this too, we were at the gym in the morning, 6:00am, we were there for an hour, hour and an half, and we were in great shape. Then, life starts to happen. You have a child.

Dave: Mm hm (affirmative).

Deelle: Things just don't go the way that they used to go, so you really have to make some changes. You might not be able to train the same way that you did before. We had to find just different ways to get things done. He'll go ... I'll watch our son for a bit and he'll go to the gym, then we switch.

Or, we actually have a YMCA membership, which actually has a gym in it as well, a weight training area, but it also has a gymnasium, so we can actually bring our son there. My son will bring him downstairs and play with him. Then, I'll go upstairs and we'll switch. We really had to change everything but we still make it work.

Dave: I love that message because I know there's a lot of parents, a lot of moms who listen to this podcast. When you go from a position of having basically owning your time, pre-parent, to going into where you own very little of your time, there's a huge mental shift in figuring out how life works when you no longer own your time.

Deelle: Yes, big time.

Adapt As A Parent And Set An Example For Your Child

Dave: You just gave a perfect example, I love that, of taking your son to the gymnasium. Not only does it allow you and your husband to exercise, but you're starting to train your son in the importance of that.

Deelle: Oh, yeah. He sees this, so I mean, we're not training him, obviously, he's four years old, but he sees what being healthy is, and he loves that. I'm still working on the nutrition side of things with him, but he loves sports and he knows that mommy's a trainer and she goes to train people. He sees the weights that we have downstairs. We take him to the gym; we take him skating. This is just part of his life. I think it's a really good example to be setting for a child that's that young.

Dave: I 100% agree. You know, my favorite emails that I ever get are usually from moms and they'll send me pictures of them doing workouts that I put on line with their kids, with their 2 year old on a yoga mat or whatever.

As a parent, you can still find time to exercise. Do it with your kids - Set a great example for them!

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Deelle: Love it.

Dave: It's just that example. It's so funny!

Deelle: They copy everything, so if you're going to do that, and they see you do it, they're going to do it. That's just the way it is.

Make Your Body Work Takeaway

Dave: You know? I'm sure we could talk for hours about getting on a right program and nutrition, and the whole bit. I'd like to keep this show really to the point, and I want to leave listeners with what I call a Make Your Body Work Takeaway. That's just something very actionable that someone could put into place today.

Thinking of someone like Jan, who says, "Hey, I was," or, "My husband and I, we were in great shape, we've fallen off track. We want to get back on the wagon." What can they do today?

Deelle: What can they do today? I think the biggest thing is don't beat yourself up over it. Don't worry about it. You've fallen off, and just be in a positive mind frame. You become what you think about, so why think of yourself as anything less than awesome? If you start thinking of your body in a positive light, and you life in a positive light, then you body will align with your thoughts and everything will just get right back on track.

Dave: That's super practical. Right now, everyone, Jan, if you're listening, or any other listeners who are in this position, what's something that you love about your body, or you love about your health today? Like the Deelle just said, focus on that.

Deelle: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we have to think about it this way. We get so caught up, yeah, we've fallen off the wagon, it's too bad, it's too this, but you know what? You're alive. You have a life. You probably have a house, your car. There's so many things to be so positive and happy about, and once you change your mind set back to that, then living a healthy life just becomes easy. It really does.

Dave: Awesome. I thought when we started this podcast we were going to get deep into exercise physiology and talking about the science of workouts. I like how this has really turned into more of a mindset.

Deelle: Oh, absolutely. Like I said, I made a big shift myself and I just find that this is what works best for me and a lot of my clients, so I'm going to run with it.

Dave: Awesome. Deelle, thanks so much, again, for joining us today.

Deelle: Thank you so much; it was fun.

Dave: Yeah, and if any of the listeners want to find out more about what you do and who you are, where can they learn about you?

Deelle: I have a website. It's, and you can also find me on Facebook under Mother and Fitness as well.

Dave: Awesome. Thank you again.

Deelle: You're welcome. Have a good day.

Dave: Thanks again, Deelle, for joining us today and just for your really inspiring message, a really positive message about acceptance, being okay with who we are, learning to love our bodies and appreciate the aspects of health that we do have, and then about taking those baby steps. What's that one thing that you can start to do today? That first little step to get back on the wagon and regain the fitness that we're looking to achieve.

Thanks to you, the listener, I, again, I wouldn't do this show if it wasn't for you. I love connecting with you and hopefully I'm able to inspire you and help you out a little bit each week.

If you're in a position like Jan talked about where you really want to improve your fitness and just aren't feeling like you're able to do it on your own, then I'd love to work with you. I have a program called the 10 in 4 Challenge and it's just an awesome way to work with other people and work with myself, to take those first steps and really get into great shape, and losesome weight in the process.

If you're interested in working with me to improve your fitness, go to That's the number ten, 1-0-I-N, the number,, and you can learn all about the program. Feel free to ask me any questions you like. You can reach me at; I'd love to hear from you. Thanks again for joining me in this episode. I can't wait to see you again here next week.

Thanks for joining me today!

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